Our goal is to provide all or some of the methods below for alternate credits.


Many students have already obtained training either in the workplace or through the military. ACE testing converts that training into credit hours.


This option allows students to earn college credit by demonstrating their mastery of college-level material in introductory subjects while saving time and money.​ Degree-seeking students may CLEP up to 30 credit hours toward graduation. Learn more here:

Professional Certification

This may take the form of certification in Microsoft, insurance industry exams, and more.


The events listed below provide opportunities for local engagement in specialty areas related to Orthodox Theological Studies while earning college credit. Contact the dean’s office for details on how to receive credit for attending an Orthodox event. 


If you know of an event not listed below and would like to pursue credit for participation, then please contact us for details.

St. Moses the Black Conference

Clergy Retreats/Symposiums

Antiochian Sacred Music Institute

Ancient Faith Writing & Podcasting Conference

The Climacus Conference

GOA Missions & Evangelism Conference

Orthodox Vision Foundation Leadership Workshop

Connect Conference

Orthodox Young Professionals Conference

Engaging Orthodoxy