BA Leadership Fall 2023

LDR 308: Alignment

God desires that we become one as He is One.  God works through leaders to make this happen, both in and outside of formal Church settings.  However, leadership is about more than manipulation and the exercise of authority.  Good leaders have a motivating vision and know the people they serve well enough to gain their

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COM 301: Public Speaking

This course concerns the study and practice of delivering an effective, expressive, confident, and clearly communicated speech. Students will write and present their own speech while building strong techniques for speaking in public. The course will also address nerves, and equip the student with tools to calm anxieties associated with public speaking. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

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PC 302: Directed Practicum

To graduate from this program, students must complete four projects, one in each module. These projects should demonstrate the leadership skills and knowledge gained through the program, and should be implemented in the student’s home parish. Before beginning a project, students must submit their topic to the course professor for approval, and must also receive

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