General Studies Spring 2024

HIST 211: Russian History

History of the Russian Orthodox Church 101 (substitute for Russian History 211) Course Description This five-week distant study class introduces a student to turning points in the history of the Russian Church from the ninth to the twenty-first century as well as to the key figures and transformative periods of Russian history. Course Objective Methodology […]

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PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology

Orthodox Christian Engagement with Secular Psychology Course Description:This course examines Orthodox Christian anthropology, foundational understanding of what constitutes the human person and his/her flourishing (with special emphasis given to the dynamic aspect of St. Sophrony’s hypostatic theology), alongside a handful of the foundational psychological theories (combining some where relevant): psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-existential, & systemic.  Beyond

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PC 201: Directed Practicum

To graduate from this program, students must complete four projects, one in each module. These projects should demonstrate the leadership skills and knowledge gained through the program, and should be implemented in the student’s home parish. Before beginning a project, students must submit their topic to the course professor for approval, and must also receive

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