Fall 2023

LDR 102: Interpersonal Relations

Interpersonal communication is one of the most basic communication processes.  Although it usually involves just two people (dyadic communication), the complexities and dynamics involved are limitless and usually determine the quality of relationships. Recognizing, understanding and effectively responding to these complexities will make us better communicators and, in turn, better managers, employees, diplomats, spouses, and friends.  Students

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TH 310: Missiology

A study of missiology in the Orthodox Catholic Church from Biblical times to modern missiological discussions and efforts throughout the world. In addition, missiological types along with evangelism models are used to help create a humble framework for the average layperson. Many resources, including Biblical references, are used to provide as full a picture as

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LDR 308: Alignment

God desires that we become one as He is One.  God works through leaders to make this happen, both in and outside of formal Church settings.  However, leadership is about more than manipulation and the exercise of authority.  Good leaders have a motivating vision and know the people they serve well enough to gain their

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COM 301: Public Speaking

This course concerns the study and practice of delivering an effective, expressive, confident, and clearly communicated speech. Students will write and present their own speech while building strong techniques for speaking in public. The course will also address nerves, and equip the student with tools to calm anxieties associated with public speaking. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

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PAT 301: Patristic Survey

Patristics 301 has been developed for the non-Orthodox student as well as the Orthodox Christian seeking a deeper knowledge of their own tradition. Its content is the mixture of a broad survey and some detailed introduction to the development of Orthodox Christian Trinitarian Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Eschatology, Prayer & Spirituality (including monasticism and asceticism), Iconography,

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