Spring 2024

SG 401: Monasticism

This course on monasticism has been developed for the non-Orthodox student as well as the Orthodox Christian seeking a deeper knowledge of their own tradition. Its content is the mixture of a broad survey and some fine detail about the foundations of Monasticism in the Christian East and West through the lives and rules of […]

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LDR 406: Team Building

This course will introduce students to the various ways that good leadership will build strong teams. They will learn various ways to gain trust and build relationships in a way that fosters a strong culture of community. Students are required to have an electronic journal that contains all of their notes for every content assignment

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LDR 403: Productivity

Productivity is simple: it is the ratio of work product (output) over effort and resources expended (input). However, to be meaningfully productive, a person must possess a degree of self-knowledge and engage in deliberate planning, focus, and discipline to “get things done.” This course will teach each participant to create the conditions for productivity in

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BIB 405: Gospels

Welcome to our 5-week online course on the New Testament Gospels with Dr. Jordan Henderson! This is a for-credit course for students desiring to complete all seven Biblical Studies electives. Please note that the prerequisite for this course is BIB 404: Poetry (Wisdom Literature and Psalms). This course will explore the figure of Jesus Christ

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