ECON 201: Personal Finance

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When the course designation in a syllabus is different from the name of the course in LearnDash, then refer to the name in LearnDash as the accurate and up to date version. This course is designed to teach the basic skills needed to manage household finances, such as how to budget, the importance of saving money, the importance of avoiding debt, and planning for the future. Underlying all of those things, however, is our Christian ethos, and so we will also explore how we as Christians should view money, the importance of being good stewards, and how we can use our money to serve God and our neighbor. This course is intended to be practical, with each lesson being practically useful to the students in their day-to-day lives. Even though not every chapter is assigned for a specific lesson, it is assumed that the students will read through the book The Total Money Makeover in its entirety.

Students are required to have an electronic journal that contains all of their notes for every content assignment in the course. There is a required minimum of one paragraph of notes per hour spent on a content assignment. The journal will be submitted in the Lesson Five Quiz when the course is completed.

Each week, students will perform a casual interview that relates to the content they are studying. A student can interview the same person as often as they want, and ideally, your interviewee is a person that is familiar with the current content you are studying. Students will submit a summary of their interviews at the end of the course.

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