HIST 211: Russian History

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History of the Russian Orthodox Church 101 (substitute for Russian History 211)

Course Description

This five-week distant study class introduces a student to turning points in the history of the Russian Church from the ninth to the twenty-first century as well as to the key figures and transformative periods of Russian history.

Course Objective

  1. At the course’s conclusion, a student should clearly understand turning points in the history of the Russian Church. This understanding includes acknowledging significant figures, events, causes, and results.
  2. A student will acquire understanding of major periods and key figures of Russian history as well.


There are scans of readings assigned to each class. Each lesson includes a video lecture from an instructor and supplemental reading materials. Each lesson presupposes that a student watches a video, studies assigned readings, and reflects in an essay. The essays are responses to one of the three instructor’s questions and should be no more than 300 words. Students send their essays to the instructor in an email message body to apsarev13@hts.edu There are will be one hour weekly discussions online.


Successful participation in this class equals 100 points. This is a five-week long class. Each essay is worth 20 points. Students must adhere rigorously to the questions posed. An answer should avoid generalization and illustrate a student’s point by drawing on facts. 

Answers that fail to respond specifically will be severely penalized: one point may be taken down for lack of clarity and cogency of expression; a point can be taken down for a failure to answer within the required length of the answer. It should be noted that there is always a factor of subjectivity, which involved in grading, even when all assessment criteria have been explained.

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