HIST 301: Church History

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Church History 301 has been developed for the non-Orthodox student as well as the Orthodox Christian seeking a deeper knowledge of their own tradition. Its content is a mixture of a broad survey and detailed introduction to the development of the Orthodox Churches in terms of history, faith, and worship. This course starts with the creation of the Eastern Church as understood from Pentecost and continues with the early development of belief including spiritual and sacramental practice; ecclesiastical leadership, political challenges including invasions, the legalization of Christianity, Christianity and Empires, and the impact of the growth of Islam; it will use historical methods to explore theological challenges, ecumenical councils, and the separation of Eastern and Western Christianity. Finally, it will explore the modern Orthodox mission.

Students will write five short, double-spaced papers, due at the end of each of the five modules. Prompts for these questions will be given at the beginning of each module and posted on the course page. All assignments will be uploaded by the student through the online learning portal.

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