LDR 401: Difficult Conversations

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God works through leaders to develop the kind of fruitful unity that he desires for mankind, both in and outside of formal Church settings.  While establishing a healthy and harmonious culture naturally facilitates this kind of efficient unity and is the primary calling of the leader, there are sure to be setbacks.  One of the biggest challenges leaders face is holding people accountable when their actions do not meet the established standard.  This course covers why some conversations are difficult, how personality affects them, and provides practical scripts and exercises that will make potentially difficult conversations easier for leaders of all types.  Special attention will be given to a subset of such conversations that need to be handled differently: those with people with especially difficult personality types, such as narcissists.   

Required Texts
Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson. The New One Minute Manager.
Mark Murphy. Managing Narcissists, Blamers, Dramatics and More…: Research-Driven Scripts For Managing Difficult Personalities At Work.
Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Shiela Heen. Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most.
Additional materials may be provided to the student as PDFs on the course site on LearnDash.

Course Requirements

Participation. Students are expected to attend all Zoom meetings, be on time at the beginning of class, and stay the duration of the class. Furthermore, students should come to class prepared to discuss the assigned readings for the class. To ensure this, an outline of the day’s readings is due by the beginning of class.

Papers. Students will write four double-spaced five-paragraph essays, due at the end of each of the last four modules. Prompts for these are posted on the course page on LearnDash. All assignments will be uploaded by the student to LearnDash.

Final Grade.  The student’s final grade will be determined by:

Participation            20%   
Module 2 Paper       20%
Module 3 Paper       20%
Module 4 Paper       20%
Module 5 Paper       20%
    TOTAL                100%

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