LDR 403: Productivity

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Productivity is simple: it is the ratio of work product (output) over effort and resources expended (input). However, to be meaningfully productive, a person must possess a degree of self-knowledge and engage in deliberate planning, focus, and discipline to “get things done.” This course will teach each participant to create the conditions for productivity in life, work, or ministry. The class sessions will be highly interactive to help each participant understand their productivity from a high level, considering general principles of personal and organizational productivity, moving from those to the essential disciplines and practices of productive life, and finishing with each student evaluating and identifying specific tools that help them implement and maintain their productivity. By the end of the course, each student will have created and shared their personal productivity plan and workflow with the class.

Required Texts

Getting Things Done
GTD Workbook

Additional materials may be provided to the student as PDFs on the course site on LearnDash.

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