CPE – Module 1

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a practical theological training experience for Orthodox clergy serving in either parochial or non-parochial settings. Learning is facilitated by certified Orthodox teacher-practitioners of pastoral ministry, and in the company of peers. CPE provides a process for clergy to strengthen the balance andeffectiveness of their pastoral care, while simultaneously expanding their

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BIB 405: Gospels

Welcome to our 5-week online course on the New Testament Gospels with Dr. Jordan Henderson! This is a for-credit course for students desiring to complete all seven Biblical Studies electives. Please note that the prerequisite for this course is BIB 404: Poetry (Wisdom Literature and Psalms). This course will explore the figure of Jesus Christ

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PC 201: Directed Practicum

To graduate from this program, students must complete four projects, one in each module. These projects should demonstrate the leadership skills and knowledge gained through the program, and should be implemented in the student’s home parish. Before beginning a project, students must submit their topic to the course professor for approval, and must also receive

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