PSYCH 101: Introduction to Psychology

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Orthodox Christian Engagement with Secular Psychology

Course Description:
This course examines Orthodox Christian anthropology, foundational understanding of what constitutes the human person and his/her flourishing (with special emphasis given to the dynamic aspect of St. Sophrony’s hypostatic theology), alongside a handful of the foundational psychological theories (combining some where relevant): psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic-existential, & systemic.  Beyond basic introductions to these major psychological streams of thought, our broader project will be to “mind the gap” between these theories/perspectives/healing techniques (which constitute a “created” ontology) and Revealed Truth – Orthodox, “Uncreated Ontology.”  We seek to learn together the important and critical skill of recognizing and naming the limits and liabilities of psychological ideas, while at the same time learning to discern points of connection between these ideas and revealed Truth.

Course Objectives:

  1. To encounter an authentic Orthodox anthropology — scrutinizing alternative anthropologies (within the various schools of secular psychology) alongside the Orthodox perspective.
  2. To study and discuss together various ways that Christian psychologists and caregivers have navigated these important differences in anthropological perspectives.
  3. To become conversant, at an introductory level, with some of the major movements within the field of modern psychology.

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