SG 102: Humility and Spiritual Guidance

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This course derives from selected portions of a classic of ascetic theology first published by the Italian monk Laurence Scupoli in 1589 as Spiritual Combat.  Though this course is designed primarily for personal study and use, we believe significant value can be gained by its use by small groups studying together.  Therefore the questions are so constructed that they may be used as either personal study guides or as means of entering into group discussion.

Students are required to have an electronic journal that contains all of their notes for every content assignment in the course. There is a required minimum of one paragraph of notes per hour spent on a content assignment. The journal will be submitted in the Lesson Five Quiz when the course is completed.

Each week, students will perform a casual interview that relates to the content they are studying. A student can interview the same person as often as they want, and ideally, your interviewee is a person that is familiar with the current content you are studying. Students will submit a summary of their interviews at the end of the course.

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