SG 401: Monasticism

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This course on monasticism has been developed for the non-Orthodox student as well as the Orthodox Christian seeking a deeper knowledge of their own tradition. Its content is the mixture of a broad survey and some fine detail about the foundations of Monasticism in the Christian East and West through the lives and rules of St. Anthony the Abbott, St. Basil of Caesarea, and St. Benedict of Nursia. It will also include information about the development and practice of hesychastic prayer, the Orthodox tradition of spiritual fathers and mothers, and the place of Mt. Athos in Orthodox monasticism.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to
• Describe the major contributions of specific monastic founders.
• Understand the development and substance of the Philokalia, a book of monastic writings, and demonstrate knowledge of hesychastic prayer
• Apply this knowledge to understand purification (κάθαρσις), illumination (θεωρία) and divinization (θέωσις).
• Discuss hesychia, and explain Orthodox Spiritual Fatherhood/Motherhood

The instructor will provide all the reading material as PDFs. Students will write five 1–2-page, double-spaced papers, due at the end of each of the five lessons.

Only enrolled students can view materials.