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“The wages of sin is death” (Romans 6:23). This fact of reality left mankind with two major problems after the Fall. One problem was turning away from God, increasing in evil ways, and moving towards idolatry. The second major problem was death. Man had transgressed the Law, and now death had entered the world. The problem of death could not be escaped. God had created man with the potential for incorruptibility and blessed life if man had chosen to not sin. However, with the Fall, sin brought corruptibility to man. Further, sin increased over time in mankind’s heart because man fell away ever more from God before the Incarnation of Christ. Humanity moved in the direction of non-being in this progression. God created humanity to share in life, communion, unity, and participation in Him. He created humanity to contemplate, worship, praise, and love Him. When man moved away from God, man lost his purpose and became non profitable. His very existence ended in death because of the wages of his sin.

Christ came to dwell among us through the Incarnation, putting on flesh, being fully God and fully man. He did this “to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10). Being fully God, Christ has the power to restore the Image of God in man. He alone can forgive sins, and He sends His Holy Spirit that works in mankind by the divine energies, healing, recreating, and renewing. When mankind’s image is restored in man, then man can reunite with God in theosis, man’s highest and true purpose of life. The Incarnate Christ also brought mankind to Himself and His Father through His works and miracles, His words, His Spirit, His love, His teachings, His ministry, and the power of His Resurrection.

Christ came down as the Incarnate God to trample down death by His death on the Cross. Because He is God and He is immortal, taking on human flesh, He conquered death for all flesh, for all humanity, by His death and Resurrection. Humanity would all partake of the Resurrection.

Christ unites all. All things have their beginning and end in Him. Christ came to save sinners and restore humankind and overthrow death, enabling mankind to live eternally with Him. All of mankind has the potential to reach unceasing prayer and Communion in Him. If Christ had not become Incarnate, mankind would eventually move to non-existence and death. Instead, mankind has eternal life and love.