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My appreciation for St. Athanasius has increased a hundredfold since taking this class. My favorite part of the class has been reading “On the Incarnation” which offered important insights to my faith that I take as a gift. I feel I am not the same person as before in reading this important work. It has profoundly informed my faith. I believe “On the Incarnation” is perhaps one of the best Catechisms on Christology in the Christian world.

In introducing St. Athanasius to other Christians who have not heard of him, I would first give a brief explanation of who he really was for the Orthodox Church. I would explain that he was a Church Father who lived during the fourth century in Alexandria, Egypt. I would add that he was a spiritual son of St. Anthony the Great, and he helped write the Nicene Creed. I would also explain that he was a brilliant theologian who fought against the Arian heresies. Finally, I would tell them about his most famous work, “On the Incarnation”.

In introducing the work “On the Incarnation”, I would explain how profound reading this work was for me in my faith, and that it holds really important truths of Christ that are like shining gems for the soul. I would explain that it is a very thought provoking, faith deepening, and beautiful work that explains Christological truths in a short book with so much depth. I would tell them that it only takes 2-3 hours to read, but that it could prove to be one of the most important Christian books they have ever read.