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Well, *you* did that for me, Fr Adam :’) Hah. In a reading assignment, I read it for the first time. It’s beautiful! I’ll be honest I am still not quite sure what the Didache IS… Where it came from.. how and where it is used… (:
However, as is with my extraordinarily limited understanding and outgoing personality, I would probably introduce the Didache to somebody in the same way I would any text that is inspiring to me, mention it to them, and discuss the application of it in our lives, the beautiful applications of it as I understand, etc. And if I knew the answers to the former questions that I asked, I would likely also share those things about it with someone. What it is, who wrote it, why it’s important, and where/why this applies to orthodoxy. If the person I am sharing it with is already a Christian, that’s easier than sharing with someone who isn’t, of course.