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They definitely could have been self-reflective in the face of what they were witnessing. Seeing that though these individuals are dying, they are MORE ALIVE than even they are! Definitely, some felt bitter about the martyrs, thinking they were out of their minds! I worked with elderly clients in a *very* rich community, and I witnessed so many of them bitter and upset over what somebody else had when they could seemingly have everything. One client asked me *how* I was so joyful… Because they had EVERYTHING they could want, yet didn’t have fullness or joy within them as they had hoped would happen. They spent their entire life seeking this perfect end and fullness, yet when they arrived, it was just as empty as the pursuit of it was their entire life. I imagine this being a similar experience for the Romans; to see someone with “less than them” in the world, but they are so full of life.. full of joy.. they are sane individuals who have a wholeness to them. This is why some people recognized they, too, wanted to join them in martyrdom and did!