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We face this today as well! Certainly, I do, at least. Converts to the faith, or those who are not rooted in orthodoxy and have the discernment to know what teachings fit the orthodox ethos and which ones do not. This is where the word Phronema comes into play, I would think. To have the mindset of orthodoxy, a mind that is rooted in Christ’s teachings and the Spirit of God, if you know God, you will recognize when something is not of God. I was told once, “How do you know if a $100 is counterfeit? You study the real thing. Same with orthodoxy, study the real thing, and when you come across something that isn’t, you will be able to recognize this. To have the orthodox phronema, you must be immersed in the life of the church, the teachings of the church, and the lifestyle of a Christian! This is why Sunday church attendance solely has never been a thing. Of course, some people *cannot* attend more frequently, but there are akathists and services at home that can be done! There are options. We should never forget God. Every day as much as we can, we should pray and behave, to the best of our abilities, like a Child of God and *not* of the evil one. I constantly tell things like this to the kiddos I nanny. One hits the other, and I say, “Was that an action for God? Or for the evil one?” And I let them identify *who* they are in a relationship with when they behave like that.