Course Creation for Instructors

General Content Changes

For the most part, editing content is pretty basic. Push enter to start a new paragraph, highlight a word to bold, etc.

WordPress works with “blocks”. A paragraph is a block, a list is a block, a picture is a block, etc.

Each time you press enter you are creating a new block.

When you do so the phrase, “Type / to choose a block”. / is your best friend. Type / and all sorts of block options will appear that you might need.

For example, when inserting a YouTube video. Type / and then video, and you will see a list of video services you can embed. Or you could type /, then youtube and that block will show up. Pro tip: you can also just copy and paste the url, and WordPress will take care of it.


After logging in, hover over “LearnDash LMS” and select “Courses”. Click on the course name you want to work with.

There are three tabs, “Course Page”, “Builder”, and “Settings”. Please ignore “Settings”.

Course Page

On the “Course Page”, you will see some text that you can change as you like. This text is what is used to describe the course and can be seen by both those who have enrolled and who have not enrolled.


The “Builder” page. This is where most of your work will focus.

From here you can create sections, lessons, quizzes, and topics. I would recommend ignoring sections and topics, and only focusing on lessons and quizzes.

The Course Builder creates the framework for the course and all lessons and quizzes need to be plugged into that framework. If a lesson or quiz is created, but not not connected to the course, it will not be visible to your students.

If this is your first time editing the course, you will see 5 lessons with 1 quiz inside each lesson.

You can change the title by hovering over the title and clicking on the pencil icon.

To the far right is a blue down arrow. You can click on that to see the quiz inside.

Always remember to click “Update” to save your changes.

Once you have the structure of your course setup, you need to edit the lessons and the quizzes. Lessons and quizzes each have a separate section in the admin.


After logging in, hover over “LearnDash LMS” and select “Lessons”. Click on the lesson name you want to work with.

There are two tabs, “Lesson Page” and “Settings”. Please ignore  “Settings”.

Lesson Page

  • Update the lesson title
  • Update the content
  • Don’t forget to press “Update” to save your content


After logging in, hover over “LearnDash LMS” and select “Quizzes”. Click on the quizname you want to work with.

There are three tabs, “Quiz Page”, “Builder”, and “Settings”. Please ignore “Settings”.

Quiz Page

  • I would suggest changing the title and leaving the content blank, as the written assignment info will already be listed on the main lesson page.
  • Don’t forget to press “Update” to save your content.


  • Hover over the title of the quiz and a pencil icon will appear. Click that and change the title to Submitted Assignment for [the name of the lesson]
  • Don’t forget to press “Update” to save your content.

Reviewing Submitted Assignments

  • After logging in, hover over “LearnDash LMS” and select “Essays”. Not “Assignments”. I know. It’s weird, but that is the way it is.
  • Click on the title of a written assignment
  • In the content will be a link to the assignment(s)
  • Copy and paste the link and review the assignment(s)
  • In the right sidebar, in the “Essay Grading Status” module, enter the determined score in the “Points Awarded” field.
  • Click “Update”
  • A notification will be sent to your student that their assignment has been graded


Grading at St Athanasius is based on a score of 0-100. Each course lasts 5 weeks and each submitted assignment is worth 20 points each.

Each assignment can only be submitted once.

You can require more than one item for each assignment, but it can only be submitted once. For example, you may require a written assignment, a quiz, and a video response. The student would enter in the assignment text box, each of the links, and then push submit. You would then give a total grade for everything submitted between 0 and 20. Then repeat the following week.

Zoom Class Duration

Each Zoom class is 6pm to 10 PM EST

Each class if broken up in to 4 segments with a 15 minute break at a quarter before each hour.

Communicating with Students

In the Instructor Dashboard, under “Course Reports”.
On this page, you can email all students using the form on the right or email individual students by using the list below.

Students can email instructors by click on on the “Contact the Instructor” tab on any of the relevant course pages.

Receiving Payment for Instruction

Instructors pay is determined by the amount of students attending a course. For each student you will receive 60% of the course enrollment fee. A typical enrollment fee is $425. If you have 10 students attending our course, you would receive $1700 (60% of $425 = $255. $255 x 10 students = $2,550).

To receive payment, two things are required:

When these two requirements have been met, request your payment.

Exceptions will need to be addressed with the President, Fr. Adam Lowell Roberts.