Not Your Normal Gap Year

St. Athanasius College is launching a new internship program open to all young adults. For some participants, this may serve as an enriching and meaningful gap year away from college. But students enrolled in online courses, such as those offered by St. Athanasius College, can continue their studies in an environment with more community engagement, meaningful relationships, enrichment, and extracurricular activities. Featuring locations in Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Texas, interns will enjoy an organized, in-person experience centered around church attendance, community service, and student-organized study sessions. All three locations offer residences
near Orthodox churches, and participants will be active in the local parish community and provide valuable support to the clergy. In return, interns will receive hands-on learning opportunities and mentorship to develop leadership skills and a greater sense of purpose. Specialized emphases vary by location and include servant leadership, event management, hospitality, and non-profit management. Interested candidates should visit for more information. Applications open on Bright Friday, and spots are limited.

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